Stelle Amor

by Stelle Amor


Previous venues include ;

     3rd & Lindlsey, Exit/In, Mercy Lounge, The High Watt, Bluebird Cafe, The Basement, ACME, Mad Donnas, Cobra, Whiskey Rhythm, The Listening Room, The East Room, Alley Taps, The END, 185 King Street, Sky Blue, The Family Wash, Kimbro's, Cafe Fontanella, Front Page News, Atmosphere, The New Vintage, Diamonds Concert Hall, The Crying Wolf.....

Lots of light and so much love

Come get lost in my blue dream haze and good melodies.

Don't worry about what you've done or who you think you should be.

 Just live in the moment, be one with the music and free.

 We are all stained and insane.

Let's embrace our pain and flaws; for they make us who we are, beautiful in every way.
Lots of light and so much love,
– Stelle Amor